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ello? *fails* Empty ello? *fails*

Post  Hellsdancer on Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:19 am

ERSTDYUGTFY :| I hate talking about myself...
Name: Rebekah
Fave food: Meat.
Things I hate: People(especially ones that think they are better than me), food that isn't eatable, the fact I am extremely lazy, dancing, the sun, day, non-rainydays
Thinks I like: food, drawing, eating, rain, creatures(eg. demons, animals, monsters XD)

Silence(I tend to think to much and scare the shit outta myself..along with every tiny sound scares me)
Being alone(same as silence)
Swimming(nearly drown)
People...o.e(Same as silence and being alone)
The human mind(same as silence and being alone, pretty much)
THINKING(^Same reason)
Dogs(attacked(never harmed though) by dogs before)
Heights..(I dunno where this came from)

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