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ŔΘՀε - Nyxxia's Main Fursona

Post  Nyxxia on Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:04 pm


○ Character's Name:

○ Character's Species:
Snow Leopard

○ Character's Personality:
Roza is a very pessimistic little kitty-cat. She hates all things happy and bright, as she prefers to stay in a cave. She hardly ever smiles for anyone except for scratch of course, one of her only Ink friends. And Hellsdancer's little inkling. She prefers solitude, next to anyone's company. She also isn't afraid to speak her opinion, especially if she should have a problem with it.

○ Character's Markings and Fur Design:
Uh... A Snow Leopard's fur markings? o.o

○ Character's History (Prefurably not in novel form):
I shall post that later~ >>

○ Character's Accesories (Necklaces/wtfe):
She has a radio collar from being captured by a research lab, and thus released so they could track her progress.

○ Character's Ink Creature's Name:

○ Character's Scars:

○ Character's Likes:
Nothing XD

○ Character's Dislikes:
Everything x3

○ Character's Strengths:
She's quick witted and speedy. She also has those long putty-tat claws that can rip your face off. :3

○ Character's weaknesses:
Working in teams; She can't focus.
Crowded spaces.
Extra strong things.
Water- She can't swim. xD

○ Character's Favorite Song:
Crushcrushcrush - Paramore -- "Nothing copares to, a quiet evening alone."

○ Picture of Character:

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